How to make money on fiverr

In this article I will show you how you can make money with fiverr without investing any money. Fiverr is a digital marketplace , where buyer and seller can make deal.

Make an account on fiverr:

First of all create a seller account on fiverr if you want to earn money by doing freelancing on this website. Just fill up your details  while creating your account and it does not cost you anything.

Offer an Gig:

On fiverr promoting your digital service is called Gig. In a gig you can offer writing, typing, translation, logo designing, video creation and many services according to your capability. You can earn minimum $5 per gig and fiverr charged you 20% fee so you will be paid $4. So you have to offer service which you can complete in 5 to 10 minutes. If you take 10 minutes to complete a one gig then you can complete 6 gigs in one hour. So you will get $30 per hour and it is good income.

Complete your work before deadline:

Always remember you have to finish your work before deadline it will avoid the order cancellation. If you  complete the deal in the given time frame then your buyer will be happy from your service and you will get more order in the near future from same buyer.

Always give some extra:

It really means if you give some extra to buyer then it will increase the rate of repeat order. That means more money to you. Suppose that if you offer 300 words article service in your gig. If you give 350 words article then, it makes your buyer will be happy  and extra satisfied. It will also make your pocket fill with fiverr tip option.

Always try to get best rating:

If you do work with quality then it will get you 5 star rating. Always try to communicate with buyer from chat option. Before starting a work on ordered gig please chat with buyer for their need and requirement it will also increase the response time. Response time is factor that can increase your gig position in fiverr list. Communication with buyer will increase the gig rating and you know better rating matters to get more orders.

Custom offers:

Set custom offers that means you can send or offer the directly to buyers. Create customize offer and send to your regular buyer to get more orders. Many sellers on this site already doing this type of customization.  It will get you more money on this market place.

Offer on social media:

Offer your gig on social media like facebook,  twitter etc. It will increase the user or customer for you gig. Once you gig will be popular on social media platform, It will be make a flood of orders. So don’t forgot to make social share, it matters.

Start/Stop gig:

You can also stop your gig if you are out of station or spending time in holidays. It prevents your account to getting orders if you are not ready for work and avoid negative reviews or order cancellation. When you are ready to work you can start your gig again.


It is the best website, For those who are willing to earn money from home in their part time. It does not require any investment, so start make money in your spare time.

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