[WDPA] is an online global employment solution provider for people who are seeking jobs and business owners who are in need of great people. We’ve been in this business for many years, and have already expanded from our roots as “job board directory” to global provider of completely array of career management, job seeking, talent management, recruitment, products and services.

We’re changing the way people perceive about work, and we are helping them to improve their workforce performance as well as their lives actively with new tools, practices, and technology. At the heart of success [WDPA’s] future is innovation.

At [WDPA] you will be connected to jobs, wherever you are. For many years, we have helped people in improving their lives with much better jobs, and the employers in finding the best talents. Nowadays, we are offering services globally, providing some of the most sophisticated, broadest job seeking, recruitment, career management and talent management capabilities. We continue to work to transform the recruitment industry with the use of advanced technology through intelligent digital, mobile and social solutions, including our website [www.onlinetypingjobs.net] and a wide array of services and products.

In addition to our broad portfolio of global website, [WDPA] also offers online advertising spaces. We deliver quality audience and most sought after demographics of consumer to the companies who are planning to showcase their brand to their potential clients at the key points in their life. We’ve also unveiled new strategic approaches to include the job aggregation, and a much deeper expansion into small business market.

As we continue seeking strategic ways in order to expand our job offerings to seekers and employers, we’ve taken sure steps in order to ensure that we have the necessary processes, infrastructure and technology in delivering the highest levels of support and service to our customers. We have extended our focus on improving our multiple distribution channels in order to further deepen our reach into the local markets around the world.

At [WDPA], we work hard to bring opportunity and humanity to the job market, improve lives, communities and businesses around the world.

Our Mission

[WDPA’s] mission is to empower employment. We’re striving to create and deliver the best recruiting technologies, media and platform sin order to successfully connection people and jobs, as well as to help our customers to hire and help people better in finding jobs.

Our Vision

To become the leading global career platform in connecting people and jobs.

Our Products and Services

Learn more about the extensiveness of solutions that [WDPA] offers employers. With the job posting as part of our solutions for recruitment advertising, job distribution technologies and resume database search, candidate engagement software and applicant tracking system, we have successfully covered every stage of recruitment process for the companies around the world. We are also offering screening and background check software, in addition to the demand and supply date that will be able to help you in informing the overall strategy of your organization.

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