Make money by typing jobs Unique Method

HI, friends I am writing this article on how to earn money by typing only with the help of facebook. Are you wondering how is it possible? The answer is yes it is 100% possible. Many people are spending many hours on facebook, So why can not we turn facebook as  a profitable money making tool for us. Now I will explain my method with step by step instructions.

How to start:

First create a page on facebook according to your interest. That means choose your topic on which you can type a quality article. After that create an affiliate account on clickbank. Select your product on clickbank according to your page topic and promote the product on your facebook page. Share your page on your social network and get some visitor. You will be paid by clickbank for every lead. You can also follow this step vice versa( first select clickbank product and then type article on facebook page).
To earn more money you have to enhance your typing skills, Good quality writing always attract visitors. So write quality article on every few days and publish on your facebook page. After few days page become popular and generate a good revenue for you. So by this method you can create a home based business by using your typing skills. You can start this without any investment.

How to increase revenue:

After earning the good amount of money just purchase an ad on facebook. By purchasing ads your page will expose to large amount of audience. For an example if you get more audience for article then there is a high chance to convert more sales of product. You know very well more sales is equal to more money.
This earning method is simple and any one can do this with good typing and writing skills.

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