How to Earn Money on Facebook

There are several methods people use to monetize their Facebook account, most of them simple enough for anyone to use themselves. You don’t have to be a marketing genius to do it either. All you need is a passion for Facebook and another subject to base your page around, and you too can turn your page into a daily earner. Below are some different methods you can try yourself at home to earn money with Facebook. You never know, your Facebook page could become a significant source of supplementary income if you attempt one or all of these suggestions. Do keep in mind that while you may earn some extra cash on Facebook, it is generally not considered a sustainable source of income, so don’t quit your day job just yet.
Getting Started

If you want to make money on Facebook, you will need a few basic things to get you started. First, you will need to find a popular niche for your page that people will want to visit. For example, something about about the father of modern computing, Alan Turing, might be interesting to you and something you’re passionate about, but won’t necessarily bring many visitors to your page, and no visitors means no earnings.

Second, you will need to generate excellent and original content on a regular basis.  If you only offer the same boring posts and content people can find on numerous other pages, people won’t stay long or return to your page again.  This limits your earning potential because, again, no visitors means no money.

At this point, you may want to consider creating a second Facebook account for your money-making page.  Doing this maximizes your exposure by allowing you to post links from your monetized account to your personal one.  This also keeps your private information separate from your money-making endeavors on Facebook and makes your page seem more professional.

Finally, making money with a Facebook page takes patience and commitment.  Don’t expect instant results.  It will take time to build a reputation and gain followers, both of which are necessary for earning money on Facebook.  You will also have to make a serious time commitment to maintaining and updating your page if you want to earn anything worth mentioning.

Ways to Earn

You can choose one of four methods to generate a Facebook income.  First, you can participate in affiliate advertising and other link-based advertisements.  There are many good affiliate advertising websites and programs that provide you with marketing materials and will have a pay per click commission structure.  Never pay to be a part of an affiliate program, the company should provide everything you need to get started free of charge.

The second method is to write an eBook and make it available through your page.  When going this route, choose a subject you have some authority on and are comfortable writing about.  To accomplish this, you will need to choose a self-publishing service like Createspace or ReaderWorks.  The major drawback to this scheme is the initial investment required to produce an eBook.

Third, you can earn extra income by allowing others to post content on your page.  Sites like have created a marketplace for this type of earning.  Finally, you can generate quality content and posts for other’s money making Facebook pages.  Freelance sites like have numerous job postings for work like this, and it’s easy to create an account and get started making money on Facebook.

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