Data entry operator


There are many pages to find work on the Internet. You mostly need to subscribe, upload your resume and start looking. Once you have joined a page you can start looking for something that fits you, narrowing it down to your location, experience, education and salary expectations.

Many companies outsource their data entry because it is more efficient and cost effective. So there are many opportunities for people who want to create a schedule that suits them. It is a great source of income for people who have crazy hours, can’t leave home or have young children.

Because of the high demand of jobs and candidates, there are many scams on the internet. So it is important to have references or legitimate feedback before filling out any on line application. Some fraudulent companies ask you for money or for personal information.  or other companies that ask you to invest or your credit card information, just money-making schemes. Pages or telemarketers that want credit card numbers

To do data entry you need to be a fast and accurate typist. Many companies only pay for the number of correct keystrokes you make.  Excellent computing skills, a good knowledge of database, word processing and basic software. So the better you are the easier it is to get a job and keep it.

You will need a very good and fast computer. The best internet service so that you have a fast connection. You also need to have a landline or a cell phone so that you can be contacted.

There are different data entry jobs that you can apply for. It all depends on your level of expertise and preference.

  • A plain data entry job which is basic typing
  • Filling in survey forms for different companies.
  • Solving captchas or puzzles to neater into websites
  •  Filling out forms. Putting in all the data precisely into all the spaces.
  • Converting images and jpg files into a word document.
  • Correcting and reformatting documents.
  • Formatting data into a specific form.
  •  Medical transcripts. Entering medical information from a medical text into a word file.
  • Writing headings and captions.

The internet has many pages devoted to job opportunities. You need to know, before you make a decision if they are reliable and if payment is guaranteed. Some suggestions are:

  • Virtualbee
  • Smart Locating
  • Xerox
  • Microworkers
  • Fiveer
  • FlexJobs

Most entry jobs have low pay at the beginning, but after proving your worth and shopping around for companies, you can find a winner. It is a slow slope at first, but the better you get and the more recommendations you receive, the better your chances are improving.

Before you decide if this is something you want to do, you need to evaluate your skills to see if this will work for you. Then you can ease into it by trying it first as a part time job. If it is something you like and are able to negotiate suitable pay, you can make it a full time commitment. Some companies will even help you with a computer and fast internet so no investment is required.

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