How to make a resume

First impressions count and your resume is the first thing about you that a potential recruiter gets to analyze. The importance of a well written, to the point resume cannot be stressed upon enough and its importance lies in the fact that the resume serves as a platform to advertise you on.

Now, moving on to how you can prepare an attractive, unique resume to showcase your skills and personality traits to bag a freelancing job:

Brag: We don’t mean this in the literal way-not in the blow your trumpet insanely loud kind of way; but keep in mind; this resume is the only way that a potential employer gets to know what your achievements are and how efficient you are at solving work related issues. So cite with examples the efficiency and skill set you have mastered and where it has served you and your employer.

Match Skill Set With Jobs You Desire: The best way to bag a proposal is by deciding on the nature of work you are after and coming up with an attractive skill set to match that job requirements. Employers are looking for people who are adept at the job on offer and a matching skill set would be one of their many filters.

Profile Description: As mentioned, your resume is the primary step for an employer to knowing you and your caliber, and freelance workers are mandatorily supposed to create a good profile about themselves and what they are looking for. Build up the profile in a unique an interesting manner, selling your USP in as immaculately and precisely as possible.

Display Your Work: Always, ALWAYS remember to include links or files showcasing your work samples while creating a profile or while bidding on a project of interest.

Name-Dropping: This means that you need to highlight the big companies you have worked for, even if the project was nothing substantial and did not require much creative contribution from your side. A potential employer might be interested to see that you have worked for big, popular companies and that might be the ticket to you landing the job offer.

On the other hand, while preparing a resume for clerical jobs, keep in mind that the potential employer is looking for someone who is more or less a jack of all trades.  This person is responsible for administrative, accounting, stock keeping and a whole lot of tasks which one can think of. As such, a person applying for a clerical post should include both clerical and administrative talents.

Some tips to help you build a good resume for clerical job applications:

  • Relevant information.
  • Well laid out structure.
  • Portray yourself as a focused and result driven individual.
  • Include how effectively you can utilize your skill sets to match the company policies and ensure smooth operations of the office.
  • Effectively convey your clerical and administrative talents.
  • You may include references for adding further credibility.
  • Experience counts- and it counts big time when it comes to clerical applications.  Include all your past experience in a chronological arrangement and point out what jobs you have taken up that the new job position also seems to demand.

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