How to make money on clickbank

Clickbank is widely known as one of the best options to make money online with affiliate marketing. But you do have to wonder how can you make money on this website. Is there a special strategy that you need to follow? What should you focus on? Here you have a few great tips and tricks to focus on.

Create an account:

The first thing you need to do is it obviously start by creating an account. The process is simple and intuitive, So you don’t have to worry about anything here. You just need to go ahead and create a regular account, you don’t need any thing else.

Find the right product to promote:

The challenge comes from picking the right niche. If you want to create  a website solely for promoting clickbank products., then you have to be very careful. The best products will usually have a gravity over 20, the product you choose have very good reviews online. The sales page have videos and the website design of that product does not seems fishy. Also the low cost initial offer needs to have up to around 3 up sales. Aside from that you need to pick a product that you actually believe in, because just getting a product at random won’t help you nor your audience, So you want to avoid any issues.

Get hosting and domain name:

Once you picked the products you want to share with your audience, Pick hosting and a domain name. You have many options to choose from, So try to find the one that’s very affordable. When you make money with clickbank you don’t need that much bandwidth, So shared hosting can be ok.

Create an affiliate link and tracking ID:

This will be needed because that’s how clickbank will identify you on the platform. It’s recommended to take your time and focus on creating a tracking ID because this way you know when and how you generate a sale. It’s very easy to do this and the value can be very well worth it.

What tools should you use?

It depends on the type of website you have and tools you want to use. Usually banners with link embedded in them can offer you the value you might need here. You can also add in content links, those work just as well and you never have to worry about the type of links you use to begin with.

Reviews can also work in this situation. In fact a lot of people write reviews for clickbank products because those generate a lot of value and many times they can also earn  quite a bit of money as well. Obviously, it all comes down to you to pick the right product but the value can be very well worth it in the end.


As you can see, It’s not hard to make money on clickbank. With the right approach, You will have no problem getting an amazing value.  You just have to be committed , focused on results and the value can be amazing . Don’t rush take your time and you will be very impressed with the outcome.

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